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Mother's of Angels Nearby 

Healing Together: Grief Groups for Grieving Mothers

Moan (Mothers of Angels Nearby) is an organization that was birthed out of the loss of my son Tyler Brunson who passed away in September of 2016. The greatest tragedy in my life.  Who knew that the greatest pain would produce One of my greatest ministries. 


While in the very beginning of grieving my son less than 2 months after I was lying in the bed which I had been doing for the previous 2 months, scrolling through Facebook I saw a post that my godson passed away. My grieving heart grieved even the more. For the 1st time since my son had passed I got up and said I have to go to his mother. It was nothing but God I didn't even have strength to get out the bed I didn't want to get out the bed I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. But when I saw this  post a new strength, a new anointing kicked in that I didn't even know I had. I just knew that I had to be by her side because I was surviving the very thing that she was getting ready to have to survive. As time moved forward and yet stood still at the same time, God started to speak to me regarding working with mothers who have lost living children. My first thought was  who is going to work with me.   Mother's Day was approaching quickly and I was wrestling with what I was going to do on that dreaded day. Yes I had survived his birthday which was in November less than 2 months after his death and I survive Thanksgiving his favorite holiday and then I survived Christmas mostly in a fog and a blur but how was I going to handle Mother's Day. I'm still a mother I have another child, step children and grandbabies but for some reason this day coming made me feel so empty.  And so moans was birthed. With a mother's of angels day luncheon. I invited all the mothers I knew and met on social media that were surviving and honored them on that day.   I needed something to replace that emptiness and I knew they did to.  I knew they needed to remember their child and celebrate Mother’s day on their terms.  


But that wasn't  Enough. As I searched and searched for grief counseling speaking to therapist after therapist I knew none of them was right for me and couldn’t help but think other MOAN’s like me probably felt the same way. None of them have ever lost a child Especially not a living child. Yes I understand that you can have a still birth or an abortion or miscarriage and I've had all 3 of those however losing a living child was a grief that was so complicated I need somebody who was in my shoes to help me through it. But couldn't find anyone. And then God spoke again. Saying  start a grief group for mothers like you. There were so many questions how God why God will they come and he answered every question and they come. Now God is expanding us. Chapters Are being birthed and a healing retreat is on the rise. God has so much more for this organization and it is truly for such a time as this.

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